I STAND CORRECTED | The Low Down on Corrector Concealers.


Dear diary

I found out Michael’s going to the party on Friday. Could life be any better?!


Dear diary

I have the BIGGEST pimple! If that’s even what it is. I’m sure it has a pulse. I’m never leaving my house again. I’m doomed to a life of eternal misery.

We’ve all been there.

You can bet your mum’s bra, that if you are going to get a whopping pimple, it will be at the WORST possible time. And for some reason, the 15 layers of your (usually) great foundation just won’t cover it up. That’s because it’s all about colour science baby! Who knew?

I can hear the sighing from here; so to save you from your slow, painful death by science I’ve given you the lowdown on corrector colours below. I’ve even included a little infographic at the end for you to save so there’s no more blemishes cramping your style on your next date. Thank me later.

The Colour Wheel: The science of colour.


You need this if you have visible veins or any blemishes of a blue / green tone. Great for dark circles under the eyes on lighter skin tones.


You want this bad boy to combat areas of redness. Think acne, cold sores, broken capillaries, etc.


Your best friend if you suffer from sallowness (yellow undertone to skin). Also great for dark circles on medium skin tones.


You want yellow on your side if your dark circles have more of a brownish tone.


If you have a darker skin tone this is your go-to for covering dark circles and blemishes.

Save this to your phone for quick reference!

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