NOT THE BEST BUT GOOD: The real life of a Makeup Artist.

You see, I’m no Rae Morris.

I’m not backstage at fashion week prettying up already gorgeous girls and I’m not making millions. I’m still great at my craft, but I’m not famous and 99% of the makeup artists you meet will be just like me.

Sure, you could be one of the lucky ones that knows someone whose uncle knows someone who can get you into a great job straight after finishing your diploma. And we will hate you forever for it. But for most of us that isn't the reality.

There's a reason the dropout rate of student makeup artists is so high. It’s a bloody hard job. One that isn’t all glitz and glamour. In fact, it hardly ever is.

Just getting through the diploma can be a nightmare. You don't just get to walk in one day, grab a makeup brush and go to town on the student next to you.

Its hours upon hours of learning about the body, the skin and associated conditions before you even see any makeup. Its business plans, project management, script breakdowns, researching to ensure authenticity. The work is hard and bombarding.

And if you do make it through the diploma and get a job....

Its long periods without clients, its hours of marketing to stay ahead in such a competitive market, it’s having faith in your talent even when you aren’t getting to showcase it. Its hours upon hours of free work to build a portfolio. It’s basically shit in a can some days.

I have this bad boy set up in my kitchen to remind me that one day I'm going to be rolling in pineapples ($50 notes) and will be able to afford to go to places that sell drinks in tiny cups.

But it’s also meeting great people, helping them to feel confident and beautiful. It’s the ability to do a job you have a genuine passion for. It’s the freedom to be creative and the sense of pride you get when a bride sends you through a photo thanking you for making her feel so great on her special day.

The reality is you will spend years and thousands of dollars obtaining your qualifications and skills, you’ll barely venture out of your own town for your jobs. You’ll need a light box if you want your name up in lights. But you will do it all with a smile. Because deep down, you know you are exactly where you need to be.

Yeah I went there...

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