My Debut Review: My Kit Co. Beauty Bags & Pouches [REVIEW]

WTF Shelley?! A review on makeup bags? You. Just. Can’t.

Luckily for us, I’m a bit of a rebel and don’t conform to society’s unwritten laws of only doing interesting blogs. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you my debut review: My Kit Co. Beauty Bags and Pouches. Woo!

Sidenote: I got this little beauty included in my parcel. A little presumptuous given I’d never used any of their products before. They back themselves. I like that. And it kind of matches my rebel personality don’t you think?

I ordered the Neat & Tidy Kit and Kit Quad directly from the Australian website. Navigating and purchasing was a breeze and you will find full product descriptions with dimensions included. Once I decided what I wanted I was checked out within a couple of minutes. Nice.

Everything arrived pretty quickly given it was over the Christmas period and our postal service in Australia is ordinary at best (BUUUUURRRRN). My Kit Co. must have been packing my order before my buyer’s guilt even had a chance to kick in!

OK, to the bags. I bought two products so I’ll break them down separately.


Give me a B. Give me an A…..

This kit was a BARGAIN! Usually $52.50, I scored it for $40 but even at full price it is value for money. Both the bags and pouches have clear fronts so you can see what’s inside, finished with PVC lining for easy cleaning and black trimming for a professional, sleek look.

The kit consisted of (in order of appearance):

1 x PVC Bag: OK we’ve got 8 Primers, a Prep and Prime, 2 Brush Cleaners, Eye Makeup Remover, Moisturiser, Setting Spray, Lip Balm, Mini Water Glass, Sharpener, Ring Palette and 3 packs of Disposable Mascara Wands comfortably in this one bag. I shit you not.

1 x Small Canvas Pouch: This would be a winner for Eyeshadow palettes if you have 15,000 like me but I had to use mine for Foundations (see below). I fit 12 Foundations, 2 BB Creams and 1 Bottle of Lightening Drops in that bad boy.

1 x Canvas Pouch: This one would be good for putting foundations upright but I may or may not have “modified” some of my bottles with different attachments which made them too tall. But I’m a genius and used it for eyeshadow instead. A Zoeva palette, 3 Too Faced palettes, 2 MAC palettes, a Morphe palette, 2 Jumbo Eye Pencils, 12 individual Pigments and an Eyeshadow Base to be exact.

1 x Small PVC Bag: Another weapon for Foundations if you hoard all of your old bottles that you bought without testing in natural light (tut tut), otherwise it’s a great bitsa bag. I used mine for my False Lashes and associated tools and there’s plenty of room to spare.


Um, it’s like a mini briefcase when it’s done up. Seriously. It’s cuter than any cat I’ve ever seen and at $34.50, probably cheaper too. Inside is just as magical. Four clear storage zip ups for Lip and Eye Pencils, Mascaras, Disposables, you get the drift. I fit all of my Concealers into one of the zip ups. Now that’s a pouch to be proud of.


Top notch. Compact, affordable, functional, stylish. A must have for any Makeup Artists or Makeup lovers alike. It’s 5 out of 5 from me.

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