A Bride's Journey to The Altar

Choosing your makeup artist for your wedding can be a daunting experience. There are so many options available and everyone promises you the best makeup of your life. I'm passionate about making everyone’s life easier when it comes to makeup; even more so when they are facing one of the biggest day of their lives. Their wedding.

Read on to hear about Tamica’s journey with her makeup artist (me of course) to give you an indication of what you should expect from your artist. And don’t settle for anything less!

Me: OK Tamica, there are no right or wrong answers here, just be honest and open and together we will have a blog that will no doubt go viral (wink, wink).

Me: What would you say was your main concern regarding your makeup prior to meeting for your trial?

Tamica: My main concern, being so close to the wedding, was that I hadn’t met you in person yet and wondering if I was going to feel comfortable with you there on the wedding day. And of course, hoping you knew what you were doing.

Me: I get that. My kids hope I know what I’m doing every day. Between you and me, I don’t.

Me: Before your trial, what result were you expecting?

Tamica: I didn’t really have any expectations as I didn’t really know what I wanted except for a natural look. During the trial, we found exactly what I was looking for.

Me: I think we went through about 5 different lipsticks that day. All in the name of love.

Me: Did I make you feel comfortable about your wedding day once the trial was finished?

Tamica: After the trial I could not have been more excited.

Me: (fist pumps) Yassss!

Me: Did you have any problems or concerns leading up to the day?

Tamica: Once the trial was done, I had no doubts. We knew what we were going to be doing so that eased my mind A LOT!

Me: So, when I left after doing the makeup on the big day, how were you feeling (apart from sad that I was gone)?

Tamica: After you left I was so amazed at how beautiful we all looked. I was so satisfied with the results and how comfortable you made us all feel. I had a few extras on the day and you made no fuss at all and just slotted them in. I refer everybody who is getting married to you now, not to mention booking you for my sister’s wedding.

Me: No please, mention it.

Tamica: I just did.

This blog wasn’t about tooting anyone’s horn. This is what your interview with your artist should read like every time. You pay good money to look and feel your best on your special day and there is no reason why your interview answers shouldn’t read the same as Tamica’s.

(This isn’t a paid interview. Although considering her answers, I’m starting to think I might have to throw Tamica a pineapple or two. Once the blog goes viral (wink, wink)).

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