5 Must Have Makeup Products for Your Kit

Roll up your sleeves and throw on some gloves because we are about to get right down to the nitty gritty. The five bare essentials everyone must have in their makeup kit.

But be warned, don’t let your partner see this list. Otherwise you will struggle to justify your need for 15 different lipsticks and five different types of highlighter forever more.


OK, so I’m a huge fan girl of primer. Not only does it help your makeup last longer, it hides your large pores and fine lines providing you with a fresh, smooth canvas to apply your makeup. There’s one for every skin type and if you are unsure on how to pick the right one for you, check out my blog on why primer is life here to help get you started.


Probably my number one must have because a good foundation can hide a multitude of sins. Its ability to cover up blemishes and even out skin tone is nothing short of magical.

It can be applied quickly using your fingers if it’s a liquid or done with a quick sweep over the face if it’s a powder so it gives maximum pay off in minimal time. Read this to work out what type of foundation is best for you.


Think a mix of browns, a black and a lighter beige / white colour all in the one palette. The browns can be used to give your eyes definition, used to fill in your brows or even as a blush.

The lighter shades can double to set your foundation on your eyelids if you are using a liquid or cream foundation and to highlight your inner lid or brow bone.

The black can be used to turn your look from day to night by applying it to the outer corner of the lids for a bit of sexiness and can even double as an eyeliner.

Just do yourself a favour and invest in a good blending brush. Blend, blend, and just when you think your arm is going to fall off, blend some more. It will make a difference, I promise you that.

You can create this look with these 5 products (and maybe a little photoshop)


It is amazing what a lashing of mascara can do to brighten up your look. It’s perfect by itself to draw attention to your eyes and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a gorgeous set of specs?!

It can make you look less washed out when you are having one of those days when you can’t be bothered with doing a full face of makeup so end up going for the foundation and nothing else. There are 15,000 different kinds, all with their perks, so which one you choose is purely up to you.


Nothing makes you feel like a vixen more than a red lip, but for the purpose of this blog, I’m classing it as a luxury. What you really want to have on hand is a nude pink or brown that you can wear regardless of your outfit or occasion. It will complete your look.

Not keen on adding colour to your scmacks? Go with a lip gloss. You can score one of those bad boys for as little as $2 and the shine will finish off your look just as well as a coloured lipstick. If you can be bothered, you can go all out and apply the gloss over the top of your nude lipstick. You’ll be ready for duck face selfies in no time.


The products listed above, when used creatively, have the ability to get you a full face of makeup without having to break the bank, or your arms trying to carry everything around. I’m not suggesting you don’t add to this list, rather, make sure at the very least, you have these products as the bare minimum.

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