Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Face Shape.

We all know having great brows goes a long way when getting your overall makeup look on point, but not many of us know what shape they need to be to complement our face.

One day, someone in the beauty world decided that an oval face shape is the ideal shape that we should have. It’s the most attractive apparently (FYI that’s crap). Anyway, since then, makeup tutorials have been based around obtaining that shape when we contour, when we highlight and just about every other makeup task we do.

And brows didn’t get let off either.

Usually I call bullshit on these so-called ideals but when it comes to eyebrows, they seem to be onto something. Choosing the right brows to balance out your face shape really does make a difference.

Working out your face shape.

First things first, you’ve got to work out your face shape. Check out the below and see which one you are.

Image: Pinterest

Working your brow shape.

OK, now we know our face shape we can shape our brows accordingly.

Image: Pinterest.

Heart Face

You’ll want the rounded brows. This helps soften your look and doesn’t elongate the face or make the upper part of your face seem any wider. If you’ve got a short face, you can get away with a hard-angled shape though to create a more balanced look.

Oval Face

You want to keep your brows nice and soft angled as you already have the perfect face shape so don’t need to create any sort of illusion.

Long Face

You want the straight brow look baby. You are aiming to reduce the length of your face and an arch will only add to this.

Square Face

Square face shapes tend to have a prominent jaw line, so you want your brows to balance this out. Doing a hard-angled brow shape will do the trick nicely. You can also get away with a strong coloured brow if you need some more balance.

Olivia Wilde pulls off the hard-angled brow! Image:

Triangular Face

As with a heart shaped face, you want to reduce width in the upper part of the face so stick to soft, round brows. You can also give the S shape brow a go if you’ve got a strong, pointy chin.

Round Face

The idea is to add some length to the face to balance everything out. You can go soft or hard, but which ever way you go, make sure your arch is high.

Regardless of your face or brow shape, you always want to make sure you’re filling in your brows correctly and have got your ratios right. If you aren’t sure how to do this, check out this blog. And please, please, please, no matter what you do, DON’T over pluck!

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