ONE PIECE THREE WAYS: Mix And Match Your Way to an Ethical Wardrobe.

A little while ago I did a blog about only needing five products to do a full face of makeup (if you missed it, you can check it out here).

But what about the rest of your look?

This week we’re lucky to have guest blogger, Nat from Grass Roots Boutique, who gives us the low down on how to stretch our clothes further, and why it’s important for maintaining an ethical wardrobe.

Ethical fashion, slow fashion, sustainable fashion. These are just some of the ways to describe the ever-increasing movement that has seen consumers turning away from fashion labels who’s manufacturing processes have a negative impact on the environment or ignore the human rights of its workers.

But, creating an ethical closet is not just about shopping ethically made fashion. It's about creating a wardrobe that is sustainable and conscious.

Of course, one major aspect of that is consciously shopping ethical brands like the Grass Roots Collection, however, the decision making should go a step further. Shop quality pieces that are versatile.

This is where our one piece three ways concept comes in. Shopping staple and hero pieces that you can wear multiple ways.

We show you how to style our hero piece with three easy to recreate looks.

Pair that with your cruelty free makeup and you have a completely ethical ensemble.

You can nab yourself this outfit and browse the other gorgeous labels available here.

Want to learn more about ethical fashion? Be sure to check out Nat's other blogs and get behind her #GetRooted movement.

Nat is the woman behind the brand and has a passion for bringing together the freshest collections from Australian designed, ethically made labels.

Grass Root's mission is to support our local community by shopping local, and also supporting our greater world community by supplying you with ethically manufactured fashion. All while looking fresh AF.

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