The Right Order to Put on Your Makeup.

You’ve done all the things.

You’ve bought the primer to make sure your makeup lasts longer and the concealer to hide any blemishes. You’ve worked out what lipstick colour will make your eyes pop the best and downloaded that diagram that shows you where to fill in your brows.

You whip out all your makeup. You know where every product has to go but have no idea what order to do it in.

Sound familiar?

Putting your makeup on in the correct order is just as important as using it in the right spots. Get the combination mixed up, and you can end up on struggle street.

I’ve put together a quick and easy checklist to follow because you’ve gone through all that effort to make sure you have all the right products, you want them working their best for you.


  • While this order is the norm, I prefer to do my brows straight after my foundation as they frame your face and make it easier to apply other products correctly.

  • Don't apply cream or liquid products over powder. Switch around your order if you need to. E.G: If you're using a powder contour and highlighter, apply them after your setting powder.

  • You don't have to use every single product, every time. Some days you might just want to wear some mascara and lippy. If that's how you're feeling, then just do it.

Click here to download the checklist so you can print it out and add any notes.

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