THE EYES HAVE IT | The Perfect Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour.

You know you need eyeshadow as part of your makeup application but how do you work out what colours to use?

The best way to choose is to go by your eye colour. Different colours will make each eye colour pop and accentuate them like sequins on a duck’s beak.

It’s all got to do with the colour wheel and this fancy thing called colour theory and following it will lift your makeup game dramatically.

It goes a little something like this – the colour that sits opposite your eye colour on the wheel is called the complimentary colour and will be your best option. Now that doesn’t mean you’re limited to that colour alone.

An example would be: Red is on the opposite side of green on the colour wheel, so red’s going to be the most complimentary colour for green eyes. But green itself will work as well as any colours with a red undertone.

Then you’ve got neutral colours like browns that go with all colours. Oh, and don’t forget purple. It suits just about every other colour, depending on the tone.

I’ve laid out a list of eyeshadows for each eye colour, so you’ll have your eyes looking sharp in no time.

The infamous colour wheel in all it's glory. Image: Pinterest.


With red as your colour bestie you want red and green first up.

Then think variations of those like deep wine, burgundy, maroon, olive and emerald green. Purples, in my opinion, go best with green eyes so give them a red hot go too.

As for eyeliner, you can get away with just about any shade of green baby.


So, orange is your complimentary colour.

You’ll be a blue-eyed beauty with blue and orange plus colours like coral, peach, orange-brown, tangerine, golds and straight up purple, lavender or plum.

Any neutrals with an orange undertone are going to be your friend.

I’d also give a navy-blue eyeliner a shot if you’re game.

Reese showing us how an orange based brown can bring those bluey's out. Image: Huffington Post.


Hazel eyes are made up of a mixture of blue, green and grey colours and can also have a yellow tone. This means you’ll first need to decide which colour you want to bring out more.

For eyes with a more yellow tone, use purples A LOT, as that’s yellow’s complimentary colour. Also try a bit of green and some warm neutral browns.

If you want to bring out the blue or green in your eyes use the colours listed above for the relevant eye colours.

Different shades of greens, like olive, are great on hazel eyes as well as pinks.

Maybe try out an olive tone eyeliner if you aren’t keen on using that colour on your lids.


There can be such a difference in colour when it comes to brown eyes. You may have more of a hazel colour with yellow flecks, a medium brown colour with orange flecks or dark brown eyes.

Follow the hazel colours above if you have quite light brown. If you don’t want to bring out the yellow flecks in your eyes, steer clear of golds as they will make them pop. Try and go with a bronze instead. If you must use gold, add some darker shades of blue or purple.

For darker brown eyes, again, what colours you use will depend on the colours you want to bring out. If you’ve got green or blue flecks, follow the guides for those colours.

For brown eyes in general though, go with a warm, rusty brown. Purple is a beauty and while some may not agree with me, I think a light pink looks the goods too! Also, try out a royal blue or emerald green and see how you like that.

Black eyeliner with brown eyes is to die for but if you want to add some colour try a darker tone of blue or green and see how you like it.


My niece has heterochromia, or two different coloured eyes, and I love doing her makeup because I can play around with her shadows so much.

If this is you, just decide what colour you want to bring out today and use the colours listed above to make those gorgeous eyes of yours pop superstar!

Kate Bosworth shows us how it's done with two different coloured eyes. Image: YouTube.


This is just a guide. I repeat, this is just a guide. Mix it up, have some fun and, if you have certain colours that you love and don’t want to steer from, then don’t.

Makeup is all about bringing out your natural beauty and the first thing people are going to notice is how confident you are within yourself. Not your bloody eyeshadow colour.

Now you’ve got your eyeshadow sorted, you want to die for brows to go with it. I’ve made a free brow checklist to get you sorted.

Download it here.

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