How to Fix Broken Makeup Products

Usually, when your makeup breaks, you just dump it in the bin in a mad fit, muttering to yourself about how stupid and clumsy you are and how next time, you’ll do your makeup before you start drinking and ending up 2 sheets to the wind.

Read on to find out how you can salvage your products and have them as good as new in no time.


When you drop your favourite (or expensive) powder foundation or eyeshadow it feels like the end of the world but don’t stress! You can save those bad boys to live another day with the steps below.

  1. Remove all of the product out of the pan onto a smooth, clean surface such as a makeup palette or dinner plate. Yep, even the bits that aren’t broken.

  2. Using a toothpick or wooden manicure stick, break all of it up into little pieces.

  3. You now want to add rubbing alcohol into the product and mix it in with the toothpick or manicure stick to create a clay like paste.  How much alcohol you use will depend on the size of your product but just start out with a couple of drops and add more as needed.

  4. Once you’ve got your paste, transfer it back into the pan and spread it out so it’s even.

  5. This step is for the perfectionists – place a tissue over the pan, then use a round object that is about the same size as the pan, like a deodorant lid, onto the tissue and press gently to get a nice, smooth surface.

  6. Wipe around the edges of the pan with a cotton bud to clean up the container.

  7. Set aside overnight to give the alcohol time to evaporate.

HINT: If you aren’t too keen on using rubbing alcohol you can use water but I’ve found it doesn’t work quite as well.

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Oh, the pain when your lippy snaps is worse than a broken heart.  It leaves you wanting to curl up on the couch and cry about the day your life changed forever.  Find new love with your lipstick by following these simple steps.

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  1. If a lipstick breaks, it tends to do it from the base, so the first thing to do is clean out the base with a toothpick to make a bit of room.  Don’t remove all of the product though, you’ll need to have some in there for the broken bit to stick back onto.

  2. Light a candle.

  3. Hold the base of the lipstick over the candle only for a couple of seconds.  Lipstick likes to melt quite quickly, but you only want the product melted a little bit, not to the point of it dripping.

  4. Now do the same with the broken bit of lipstick, holding it there until it starts to melt a little.

  5. Quickly place the lippy back into the base and press it down gently.

  6. Set aside for a few minutes to give the lippy time to harden together again.

HINT: If the lippy has broken into a complete mess, you can place it onto a spoon and hold the spoon over the candle until the lippy melts completely and transfer the liquid into an old eyeshadow pan or a small plastic container.  Once it has hardened, you can just apply it using a lipstick brush.  This is also a great technique if you want to combine lip colours.


You sharpen your pencil, it breaks.  So you sharpen it again.  And again it breaks.  Stop now before you’re left with just the stub and fix it like this.

  1. Place the pencil into the freezer for 30 minutes.

  2. Sharpen gently.

That’s it, this one is a simple but effective method.


Next time you’re getting ready for a big night out, and you trip ass over tit with a wine in one hand and your eyeshadow in the other, you’ll know which one to let go of to stop your fall.  Priorities people, priorities.

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