How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Filling in your brows is a MUST as your brows frame your face and your makeup will always look under done if you don't.

But it can be a scary process when first starting out so I’ve put together a step by step guide to help you get your brows on fleek.

Firstly, you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to do it.

Now to get started…

How to line them up.

The below diagram shows you where your brows should start (1), where your arch should be (2) and where they should end (3).  It’s easier to use one of your brushes to do this.  You can also make a small mark with some of your product at each point to help with outlining.

1.  Using a spoolie brush, brush your eyebrows up and out to get your natural shape.

2.  Now you want to start outlining.  If you are using a pencil or liquid pen you can simply draw on the brow using just the product but if you are using a gel, cream or powder you will need to use your angled brush for this step.

3.  Starting at the inner most corner of the brow, outline the lower section.  Some people find it easier to use small strokes when doing this rather than trying to get a nice clean line from start to finish.

4.  Now you want to outline the upper section.  Start from the inner corner, but come in around 5mm from the start of the brow, outline to the arch, then again to the tail of the brow.

Time to fill those babies in.  The idea is to fill in any areas where hair or colour is lacking, so if you’ve got a section that is thick and colourful, hold off on the product in that area.

We’re almost finished, hang in there!

5.  You will still have a section at the most inner corner of the brow that hasn’t been filled in.  Use small strokes with a tiny amount of product to draw in natural looking hairs.  You want your brow to have an ombre look to it with the lightest section being the inner corner leading out to the darkest section at the tail.

6.  Grab your spoolie and brush through the brow to blend the product through.

Extra step:

You can use some concealer on a small concealer brush on the outside of the brows to clean them up and provide a nice, sharp line.

And BOOM! Fantastic brows to match your fantastic personality.

Final thoughts.

When you are choosing your brow product colour you want one as close to your natural brow colour as possible.  If you are in between colours, always go with the lighter one.  Doing your eyebrows, just like all makeup, is about practise. And practise makes (almost) perfect!  And lastly, always remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins.

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