Why Photoshop Pisses me Off | A Makeup Artist’s View.

You have your birthday party coming up. Everyone you know is coming and you are so excited for a great night. You’ve got a killer dress and organised to have your makeup done for the big occasion.

You’ve looked at Pinterest and Google to find the exact look you want.

The big day comes, but there’s one problem. Your makeup doesn’t look as flawless as in the picture that you showed the makeup artist.

As a makeup artist I'm regularly shown pictures by clients of looks they want for their event. I encourage it. It saves time to get a feel of what sort of look my clients are wanting to achieve. But there’s one thing we all need to remember when we use these pictures. They are inspiration, a guide, and nothing else.

Chances are, that picture you're looking at, has been photo shopped to an inch of its life and no amount of makeup artistry skills will be able to duplicate this look unless you can work out a way to carry a filter in front of your face for the whole night.


You’ve paid good money for this so called artist to come and do you up so you can look your absolute best and feel like you’ve been conned. And this pisses me off.

Let me be clear, I don’t blame YOU. I blame Photoshop. I blame glossy magazines. I blame movies. I blame society.

Somewhere, a boardroom full of Executives decided that a perfect complexion will sell their makeup products better than showing the reality of what their product can do and pushed that ideal onto the rest of us through their marketing.

Men began to find a perfect looking female more attractive. Women started to envy the perfection they saw in these magazines and everywhere else. And the result? Unless we have absolutely no freckles, no wrinkles, no blemishes and of course no extra weight, we are deemed unattractive and not like all those other women. Except we are just like those other women. We just don’t have Photoshop to rely on.

WOW! How did my skin get so..... So smooth?


Your makeup artist isn’t a failure if she can neutralise the redness from your acne but can’t make your skin look like there are no bumps. And you aren’t a failure or any less attractive if you have those bumps.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is a bad thing to want to hide a pimple if that’s what is going to make you feel better about yourself. But you need to also be comfortable with the fact that your skin will have pores and it will have bumps and blemishes. Being comfortable in your own skin is important, you will feel a huge weight lifted.

To expect your makeup artist to be able to completely banish any sign of life on your skin is pure madness. A colour correcting concealer is used to neutralise the discolouration of that particular area of your skin. Not make your skin miraculously bump free.


When you have your makeup done for the next big event and go looking for inspiration from Pinterest, Google or anywhere else, always remember that what you see isn’t always true. In fact, these days, it hardly ever is.

Makeup should be used to bring out your unique beauty. Not cover it up.

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