Why Mineral Makeup Doesn't Equal Healthy Makeup

Have you ever seen a mineral makeup brand and automatically assumed that it is healthy and free from any toxins? I mean, its natural minerals right, so why wouldn’t it be? Well apparently, we need to think again.

Mother nature had us all fooled with thinking she was nicer than Mother Theresa, when it fact, that nasty bitch has thrown some horrific minerals in the ground that aren’t great for us. And some of those nasties have made their way into our mineral makeup products.

I’ve put on my “I’m smart” glasses and researched some of the minerals found in makeup that we really want to try and stay away from.


Talc is used in makeup to soften the feel of products and help to avoid the caked on feeling we all love to hate. There is much debate surrounding whether or not talc in makeup is in fact harmful to us. Talc in its general form contains asbestos, which is a known carcinogen i.e. it can cause cancer. However over the years, the talc used in makeup has progressed to being asbestos free.

Many articles have stated that it is safe for cosmetics and personal care products but that doesn’t explain why companies such as Johnson & Johnson are now going completely talc free to ensure their customer’s safety.

My thoughts? Stay away from it until it can be confirmed that all talc used in cosmetics is definitely asbestos free!


Bismuth is found in the mineral Bismoclite and is used to give makeup either a matte or shimmery finish.

According to Lenntech.com it is a heavy metal and can cause various effects to the body depending on how it makes contact. It may cause skin and eye irritation and inhaling it can cause liver and kidney damage. On the bright side, it apparently won’t give you cancer. Yay.

Do NOT eat metal.. I repeat do NOT eat metal.


Mica is commonly used in makeup in powder form to enhance the pigment (read colour) and can create that shimmery appearance we all love. Immediate reactions to it can include irritation to the skin and eyes, making them red and itchy. Long term it can have serious effects on your lungs causing wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Most of these reactions however, occur for those who work with high amounts of Mica over extended periods of time such as mines. Sciencing.com go as far as suggesting you make sure all of your powder is stuck fully to your brush prior to applying to your face and making sure you hold the brush away from you when tapping excess powder off it. After my research, I personally would choose a product with Mica in it over Talc or Bismuth.

It can be hard to avoid the many toxins we are exposed to in the modern world. But reducing the amount we knowingly come into contact with can only be a good thing.

If you are looking for a mineral makeup brand that doesn’t contain all of the nasties, do your research. You will find it hard to get a brand that has absolutely none of the ingredients I've mentioned but finding one with minimal additives we don't want is your aim.

Check out Lust Mineral Cosmetics. I’ve tested their products and they are professional grade, sweat resistant and in my opinion, one of the best for your skin long term.

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