Foundations For Success: Which Foundation is Right For You?

Liquid, Cream, Powder, Mineral. The amount of choices can be overwhelming when it comes to which foundation is right for you. I've broken down the different sorts of foundations below to save you time when trying to find your perfect match.

Tinted Moisturiser / BB Cream

A 2 in 1 product that provides the skin with light coverage and moisturiser at the same time. Some can even include SPF (however not enough for our Aussie Summer heat). Great if you are looking for a quick way to even out the skin and works well on mature or dry skin given its moisturising properties.

Liquid Foundation

Comes in a liquid form and depending on the brand, can create a light to full coverage. Great for all skin types as most brands will have a separate blend for each, be it oil based, water based or even waterproof.

Cream / Stick Foundation

Denser than a liquid foundation, these blends generally provide a full coverage. I find these best when doing makeup for events where photo ops are common. Best used on normal to dry skin types. The stick version is also great for your purse when you are constantly on the go. No spillage here baby!

Loose / Pressed Powder Foundation

Best thing about this blend – it doesn’t require setting with another product unless you’ve got a setting spray handy that can be used once your full face has been completed. These tend to have a matte finish and while anyone can use these, they work best with oily skin. Great option if you want buildable coverage too!

Whipped / Mousse Foundation

A lot like a liquid foundation but with air added to give them a lighter feel. These blends are best used by those with mature skin but ultimately, anyone can use these bad boys.

Mineral Foundation

If you are concerned about the ingredients used in your makeup this is the choice for you because as the name suggests, mineral foundations are made from minerals. Just do your research as mineral does not equal healthy in every circumstance. Talc and bismuth are minerals and yet are still dangerous and commonly found in mineral foundations. Great for those with sensitive skin provided you find a brand that doesn’t have those nasty minerals in them.

Finding the right foundation can be a bit trial and error for some of us, but once you find your winning blend you will never look back!

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