Why Makeup Rules Should be Broken

The rule breakers, the shakers, the change makers. They are the people in the world who go against the grain. I like to think I’m one of them.

I’m not talking about the law. When it comes to that, I’m little miss perfect, but if someone tells me I shouldn’t do something because it goes against what society deems acceptable, that only gives me more incentive to do it.

Up until now I’ve always followed the rules when it comes to makeup. But not anymore.

I’m not talking about rules like “use primer before every application and make sure you set your foundation so it lasts longer”. I’m talking about the rules that stop you from being you.

I’m always sharing tips on my Facebook and Instagram pages. But that is all they are. Tips. There is no makeup police who will throw you in solitary confinement for using blush as eyeshadow.

Sure, they say mature age skin shouldn’t be adorned with glitter. But if having glitter splashed upon your gorgeous face makes you feel fantastic, then regardless of age, wear the god damn glitter!

And then there are the trends. Who gives a shit if your favourite lippy is “so last season”. Who sets these bloody trends anyway? I’ve seen plaited eyebrows FFS. You get my drift.

At the end of the day, makeup is an art. A way for you to express yourself and bring out your inner rock star. Don’t listen to Instagram influencers, YouTube tutorials or even me, if what we are telling you goes against what makes you, you!

Life’s too short for wearing a nude, matte lipstick or neutral eyeshadows when you wish you had bright blue eyelids and a gloss so shiny it could send someone blind if they stared at it too long.

You are a rock star. Act like one.

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